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Pornhub Offering "Premium Content" to People in Quarantine is Exploitative, Not Philanthropic

Pornhub Offering “Premium Content” to People in Quarantine is Exploitative, Not Philanthropic

Pornhub, one of the most-visited websites for online pornography in the world, offered free access to its paid premium content to those quarantined in Italy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not long after that, it extended the same offer to people in France and Spain. Since then, rather than continuing to roll out its troubling…


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Advocating for Victims of Sexual Exploitation in the Time of COVID-19

The sex trade is fundamentally predatory. Systems of sexual exploitation (e.g. strip clubs, illicit massage parlors, legal brothels, online prostitution websites, etc.) operate using a business model that feeds off of people’s vulnerabilities and traumatic events such as childhood sexual abuse, child sex trafficking, child neglect, sexual abuse within the foster care system, homelessness, and…


STATEMENT – Tech Industry Encryption Arguments Against EARN IT Act are “Red Herring” Says NCOSE

Washington, DC (March 10, 2020) – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation called on Congress to see through tech industry arguments against passing the EARN IT Act, which will establish a National Commission on Online Child Exploitation Prevention to “develop recommended best practices for providers of interactive computer services regarding the prevention of online child…


Patrick Trueman and Michael Shively before the National Center's Demand Reduction Meeting with the Domestic Policy Council of the United States

The National Center’s Demand Reduction Meeting with the U.S. Domestic Policy Council

Staff members from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, including president and CEO Patrick Trueman and Michael Shively, Ph.D. (both pictured above), were able to spend time with the Domestic Policy Council of the United States this week in order to educate them on the importance of demand reduction in the fight against sexual exploitation….


Young woman stands next to a neon sign at night (Why the United States Needs the "Human Trafficking Research Act of 2020")

Why the United States Needs the “Human Trafficking Research Act of 2020”

Human trafficking remains a major threat to public safety, health, and human rights throughout the United States, but the absence of solid data about its true scope and character impairs efforts to effectively respond. It’s been 20 years since the Trafficking Victims Protection Act established human trafficking as a distinct form of crime, but there…


STATEMENT – USA Needs a National Human Trafficking Prevalence Study

National Center on Sexual Exploitation Supports Sen. Hawley Bill Washington, DC (February 14, 2020) –The National Center on Sexual Exploitation supports Sen. Josh Hawley’s bill that requires the Department of Justice to conduct a prevalence study of human trafficking. “Fifteen years ago, we knew too little about human trafficking to conduct a successful human trafficking…


STATEMENT – AOC, Why are you Ignoring Sex Trafficking Victims Helped by FOSTA-SESTA?

Washington, DC (February 10, 2020) –The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is astonished to hear Members of Congress, most recently Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, question the value of FOSTA-SESTA, landmark legislation that makes online sex trafficking illegal and allows victims and their families to sue for damages. “We wish Rep. Ocasio-Cortez would listen to Senate…


A Third Case of Child Abuse Showed up on This Mainstream Porn Site

Excerpt from The Sun A fourth-grade Catholic school teacher will spend nearly seven years behind bars for filming herself raping a teenage girl and then uploading the videos to a porn website. Dawn Giannini recorded several videos of herself sleeping with a girl – who is also a relative of hers – when the girl…


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Daily Caller: Pornography And Sex Trafficking Are ‘Completely Interwoven,’ Activists Warn

Originally Published at The Daily Caller By Mary Margaret Olohan The popular pornography site Pornhub boasted 42 billion visits to its site during 2019, 39 billion searches performed site-wide, an average of 115 million visits per day, and 6.83 million new videos uploaded. “To put this in perspective — if you strung all of 2019’s…


The Dangers of “Sugar Dating” Exposed by College Student

A college student from Tulane University shares her story about how she has seen firsthand how pervasive the misinformation about “sugar dating” is and how she has taken action on her campus and in her peer groups to spread the truth about the harms inherent to “sugaring” a.k.a. sugar baby and sugar daddy “relationships.” Learn…