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Google Search: Driving the Pornography Industry’s Profits

As recently as December 2020, when NCOSE researchers conducted a Google search test for “child pornography,” many top results yielded links to hardcore pornography websites, including Pornhub and XVideos—effectively advertising for the world’s largest sexual exploiters that are currently under increased public scrutiny for the proliferation of child sex abuse material on its site. Two…


Pornhub’s “Transparency Report” Is Another Admission of Guilt

“This is an industry that is not occupied by responsible corporate actors . . . this is an industry, which for various reasons, grew up in illegality.  Nobody was better acquainted with what was on its site than MindGeek. It knew.  This is a group that is indicative of the entire industry. Within the industry it…


U.S. Congressional Briefing Packs a Powerful Punch Against MindGeek’s Exploitation Empire 

On April 8th, 2021, a Congressional briefing was held to uncover evidence of the criminality of Pornhub, and its parent company MindGeek. The briefing reached at least 70 members of Congress and their staff, as well as over 2000 registrants, including law enforcement, lawyers, journalists, and the general public.  Co-Hosts of the Briefing: Breaking Free • Coalition…


50% of MindGeek (Pornhub’s Parent Company) Revenue Comes from Ads—Help Contact Their Top Advertisers

Did you know that 50% of MindGeek (Pornhub’s parent company) profits come from advertising? MindGeek owns an assortment of products in addition to pornography websites, including a web hosting service, and an online advertising corporation—and it turns out that the popular shopping app Wish and the Italian clothing company Diesel are two of their top advertisers! This means that these…


STATEMENT – Wish and Diesel Must Stop Advertising on Pornhub and its Parent Company’s Other Porn Sites 

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND (April 7, 2021) – As part of the Dismantle Pornhub Campaign, the International Centre on Sexual Exploitation (ICOSE) and a coalition of 104 survivors and advocates from 13 countries, have sent letters to the CEOs of Wish and Diesel to call both companies out for enabling and profiting from child sexual abuse material, sex trafficking and non-consensual videos on Pornhub and…


STATEMENT – Congressional Briefing on April 8 will Demand Criminal Investigation of Pornhub for Distributing Child Exploitation, Sex Trafficking, and Non-Consensual Content

Media Advisory WHAT: A group of survivor and advocate-led organizations are sponsoring a congressional briefing to present evidence of the rampant criminality on Pornhub, which is owned by MindGeek, an international company with offices/servers in the U.S.  Pornhub has profited by distributing child sexual abuse material (CSAM), videos of rape and assault, filmed sex trafficking, and non-consensually recorded…


STATEMENT – Revealed: Visa Processes Payments for Other Pornography Websites, Despite Cutting Ties with Pornhub 

Survivors & Advocates in 11 Countries Urge Visa to Cut All Ties with Sex Trafficking Profiteer MindGeek Cambridge, England (March 26, 2021) – As part of its new Dismantle Pornhub Campaign, the International Centre on Sexual Exploitation (ICOSE), along with 62 survivors and advocates representing eleven countries, have sent a letter to Visa to request that Visa cut ties with all MindGeek-owned entities. MindGeek is…


Studio-Produced Pornography Can Still be Sex Trafficking—Take Action and Help Visa Understand

In late 2020, following the publication of the New York Times article which brought awareness of Pornhub’s abusive practices into mainstream media, Visa rightly decided to stop processing credit card payments for the Pornhub site. NCOSE applauded Visa’s action at the time, and still does. However, we were disappointed to learn shortly afterwards that Visa…


Dignity Defense Alert: Unilever and Kraft Heinz Cut Ties with Pornhub and Other Exploiters

Fighting sexual exploitation—especially the billion-dollar porn empire—can often feel like an uphill battle. That’s why at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation we believe it’s critical to celebrate every success for the movement in order to keep our optimism high that change is indeed possible. Sometimes that can mean recognizing pivotal victories from the past with fresh perspective on how truly impactful they were—impact that may have been underestimated at the time…  This month we’re recognizing Unilever…


STATEMENT – Campaign Launched to Challenge Pornhub Infrastructure – Roku the First to be Challenged by Survivors and Advocates in 12 Countries 

Cambridge, England (March 18, 2021) – The joint campaign #DismantlePornhub has been launched by the International Centre on Sexual Exploitation (UK), Collective Shout (Australia), Defend Dignity (Canada), and Traffickinghub (USA) to call out entities that support the infrastructure of Pornhub and MindGeek. MindGeek-owned Pornhub has been exposed for hosting videos containing child sexual abuse material, sexual…