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2021 Dirty Dozen List: Verisign


What is a Registry vs a Registrar vs a Registrant?

A domain name registry is an organization that manages top-level domain names. Verisign is a registry. They create domain name extensions, set the rules for that domain name, and work with registrars to sell domain names to the public. Network Solutions and GoDaddy are popular registrars. A registrant is the person or company who registers a domain…

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Concern #1: Verisign does not enforce its contracts

Verisign does not enforce its contracts with registrars who allow CSAM to flourish. Verisign has the power to shut them down. Verisign, who has had the ultimate authority over .com and .net since their creation, refuses to enforce contract terms with registrars who allow child sexual abuse material to proliferate on their platforms. If Verisign…

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Concern #2: Verisign refuses to implement a Thick WHOIS

Verisign refuses to collect the necessary information for a secure and safe Internet through a Thick WHOIS despite requirements and many years to do so.   As explained by the NTIA: “The WHOIS databases are the internet’s white pages. Every entity, whether individual, business, organization or government, which registers domain names, must provide identifying and…

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What is Thick vs. Thin WHOIS?

ICANN specifies what information must be collected with respect to domain names in its Registry Agreement (RA) with accredited registries and its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) with registrars. The registration data is commonly referred to as WHOIS data. Thick WHOIS data refers to both information associated with the domain name itself as well the registrant…

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