Business Partner of World’s Top Exploiter

Wish remains one of the only major corporate entities continuing to support the infrastructure of the sexual exploitation industry. Wish is a top advertiser for hardcore pornography conglomerate MindGeek’s websites, which include Pornhub.¹ Public outrage at MindGeek is soaring as numerous victims have come forward about their sexual abuse, sex trafficking, child sexual abuse being filmed and then uploaded and shared countless times on Pornhub and their other websites. Others have shared that Pornhub profited from distributing non-consensually recorded and/or non-consensually uploaded intimate videos. With individuals like Rose Kalemba speaking up, 2 million+ signatures on a petition, a groundbreaking New York Times articleVisa, Mastercard & Discover cutting ties with Pornhub, the Canadian Government calling MindGeek to account, and lawsuits mounting against them, Wish knows that they are partnering with the world’s biggest serial exploiters. 

In an investigative hearing before the Canadian Parliament, MindGeek’s co-owner and CEO Feras Antoon told members that 50% of their revenue comes from advertising. (Citation: “Meeting No. 19 ETHI – Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics,” February 5, 2021. Mr. Antoon answers a question about MindGeek’s revenue around 9:50.)

More about MindGeek and Pornhub on this NCOSE webpage.



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