Consumer Health Reports

Examples of Material Available To Middle School Users through the EBSCO product, Consumer Health Report:

Here is a 7-minute video walk-through of what is available to Middle Schoolers through the “Sexual Health” filter in the EBSCO product, Consumer Health Report. Below are still shots taken from the video.

Login to the middle school EBSCO portal and then select “Consumer Health Reports” database. We clicked on “Sexual Health” category and then “Attraction” category.


Here is a sampling of titles available on the first page of search results:


Note the other subject categories available when clicking on a specific article. None of these are able to be filtered out or restricted. 


When clicking on the article Tired of Dinner & a Movie, middle schoolers are bombarded with BDSM images and language, as well as other instruction on sexual positions and fantasies.

When clicking on the article What’s on her mind during sex, middle schoolers are given links to pornographic websites, sex toy websites, and advice on sex positions and behaviors.


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