Cosmopolitan Website: 2014-2015

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Pornography-Related and Other Sexually Explicit Articles


Compiled by: Coalition Against Trafficking in Women


Trigger Warning: The articles cited here are proof of the sexually explicit content on Cosmopolitan’s website, and are necessarily sexually explicit in nature and cover wide-ranging themes of pornography, prostitution, and sexual acts. Some articles may include explicit images. Reader discretion is advised.


January 7- Everyone Watched Lesbian Porn in 2014 (and Other Porn Facts)


January 13- What It’s Really Like to Be an Indie Feminist Porn Star


January 15- This Woman Just Left Her Wall Street Internship to Become a Porn Star


January 22- The Mysterious Straight- Girl Appeal of Lesbian Porn


February- Why I Rent My House Out for Porn Shoots


February 9- Student Charged With Filming Masturbation Porn in School Library Speaks About Becoming an Overnight Porn Celebrity


March 6- Porn Stars Describe the Weirdest Scenes They’ve Ever Filmed


March 9- Everything You Need to Know About Luke, as Told by a Porn Star


March 17- Are Men Who Watch a Lot of Porn Still Aroused by Vanilla Sex?


March 18- How 2 Transgender Porn Stars (And 1 Queer Producer) Are Changing Porn Forever


March 19- Porn Star Declares Adult Film Industry Is Way More Feminist Than Hollywood


March 24- How —and Why—I Became a Porn Industry Advocate


March 31- I Switched Porn With My Boyfriend and Here’s What Happened


April 9- “I Don’t Think I Should be Attacked for Being a Porn Star”


April 14- Why I Lobbied Against Requiring Condoms in Porn


April 17- Why Is This Woman Calling for a Boycott of the Feminist Porn Awards?


April 21- What It’s Really Luke to Be a PR Person for Porn Stars


April 27- What’s Up With the Rise of Incest Porn


May 14- Women Love Watching Lesbian Porn Way More Than Men Do


May 19- Why I’m Still Doing Porn in My Late 50s


June 4- Watch These Guys Look at Porn… With Porn Stars (Video)


June 11- I Spent a Day on the Set of “Magic Mike XXX,” a Hardcore Porn Parody


June 11- PornHub Wants You to Help Them Fund the First Porn Shoot in Space


June 12- 8 Everyday Situations That Are Only Sexy in Porn


June 17- Why Twentysomething Women Are Obsessed With Tumbler Porn


June 26- I Told Myself I’d Stop Doing Porn by the Time I Turn 30


June 30- Porn Stars Reveal What Kind of Porn they Masturbate To


July 1- How I Shot the Most Expensive Webcam Session Ever


July 13- Why Do Millennial Love Cartoon Porn So Much?


July 15- Porn Helped Me Overcome Sexual Shame


July 17- 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I became a Pornographer


July 29- My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Cheating by Watching Porn


July 31- I Have a Degree in Neuroscience, and I Do Porn


August 2- 17 Things You Never Knew About Porn


August 4- Here’s Some Surprising Blow Job Advice From Porn Stars (Video)


August 5- Drag Queens Critique Straight Porn Films (Video)


August 6- What It’s Really Like to Own a Porn Company


August 13- The 11 Best Porn Sites for Lesbians


August 20- Porn Stars Describe Their Most Disgusting Scenes


September 30- Pornhub is Sponsoring a College Scholarship Worth $25k


September 3- How I Started Making Porn Women Actually Like


September 15- The 14 Best Porn Sites for Women


September 16- Guys Pay to Sleep With a Hologram of Me


September 24- 9 Hilariously Unsexy Things You Never Knew About Porn


September 29- 13 Photos of What It’s Really Like Behind the Scenes of a Porn Shoot
(Explicit Photos)


October 7- Now There’s a University Where You Can Study How to Be a Porn Star


October 19- I Watch Porn and I’m Not Ashamed to Say It


October 21- What It’s Like to Be a Gay Porn Director


October 23- 4 Porn Stars Talk About How They Fell in Love


October 26- 8 Reasons Watching Porn Doesn’t Make Him a Cheater


October 28- People Really Get Horny for Hot Zombie Porn on Halloween


November 12- What It’s Like to Date When You’re a Porn Star


November 19- 11 Porn Things Guys Don’t Expect From You


November 24- 6 Porn Stars Talk About the Most Extreme Shoots They’ve Ever Done


November 24- Porn Stars Tell the Truth About Squirting (Video)


November 26- What It’s Really Like to Be the Editor of a Porn Magazine


November 30- I’m Engaged, But I Want to Do Porn:


November 30- Watch These Guys Watch American Porn for the First Time (Video)


December 3- 9 Ways to Know You’re Watching Ethical Porn


December 5- Give the “Most Touching Gift” This Holiday- Porn


December 8- Let Porn Stars Teach Your Guy How to Give You Oral Sex in This Video (Video)


December 9- 3 Transgender Porn Stars Talk About Their Controversial Job


December 12- I Let My Roommate Film My First Threesome for Porn



January 1- The Very Best Porn for Women


January 20- 6 Lies Porn is Telling You About Guys


January 27- The Depressing Consequences of Free Porn


January 30- 4 Porn Stars on How They Stay Fit


February 2- There’s Gonna Be a Porn Channel For Women


February 6- Why Men Think Watching Porn is No Big Deal


February 6- 12 Lies Porn Is Telling You about Lesbian


February 6- 8 Myths about Guys’ Porn Habits, Busted


February 7- The 9 Types of Guys in Porn


February 17- How I Became a Porn Director


February 20- This is How YOU Watch Porn


February 26- This Man Made a Real-time Ticker for Porn Searches


March 13- Southern States Watch the Most Gay Porn


March 31- What It’s Really Like to Be a Porn Star


April 8- Porn Star Beauty Tricks Everyone Can Use


April 11- Lesbian Porn is Bad Because Lesbian Sex is Great


April 15- Expectations vs Reality: Watching Porn As a Couple


April 17- 10 Porn Positions That Don’t Work in Real Life


April 23- What It’s Really Like to Date a Porn Star


May 2- 11 Things No One Tells You About Watching Porn


May 12- Porn Stars Want You to Stop Pirating Porn


May 16- 13 Things No One Tells You About Going to a Strip Club


September 17- There’s a Brilliant New Search Engine Just for Porn


September 23- Meet the Married Couple Who Created a Safe Way to Search for Porn


October 20- This Woman is Turning Your Sex Life into Porn


*October 24- Apple Emails Porn to Show How Inappropriate Porn Is


October 24- 8 Reasons Not to Worry About the Porn He’s Watching


December 9- Meet the Taylor Swift of Hairy Feminist Porn


December 10- UK Activists Sit on Each Other’s Faces to Protest New Porn Laws


December 20- Porn Stars Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters Because Why Not


December 23- How This College Student Became a Successful Porn Star Overnight


December 30- The Surprising Secrets of a Porn Makeup Artist


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