Customer Stories

A customer on the German version of Amazon was searching for children’s clothing when they discovered this t-shirt. They were horrified at both the objectifying nature of the shirt and, even worse, that it was modeled by/made for adolescent girls.

One mother contacted NCOSE when her teenage son showed her the dozens of graphic tees with full frontal nudity and sexually objectifying depictions of women that showed up when he was simply looking for a t-shirt.

Amazon_Proof_Graphic Tee_full frontal nudity

Amazon_Proof_Graphic Tshirts

One of NCOSE’s staff bought a back brace on Amazon and then continued to get sadomasochistic paraphernalia as “Recommendations” for items she might be interested in. Amazon has more than 8,000 BDSM Sex Toys for sale.

Amazon_proof_8407 items in bondage


A concerned father alerted NCOSE to the fact that when searching with his son on Amazon for “guitar pick cases,” many cases with nudity and depicting sex acts were displayed.

Amazon_Proof_Guitar Pick Case 3 Amazon_Proof_Guitar Pick Case 2 Amazon_Proof_Guitar Pick Case 1


One women contacted NCOSE when after perusing Amazon’s magazine selections for something she might be interested in, she found many pornography titles for sale.



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