The Discord “Policies & Guidelines” on Paper, Not Enforced

Discord currently has policies on paper that in theory, prevent sexual content from reaching users unintentionally and blocks illegal sexual content with filter scanning software. However, it is abundantly clear that in practice, these policies are not enough to prevent the mass spread of illegal pornography, child abuse, and predatory grooming.

Discord claims a zero-tolerance policy regarding non-consensual sharing of sexual material and CSAM, despite ample evidence otherwise.


In addition, because Discord allows NSFW content as long as it is tagged as such, the platform relies heavily on the users to do their own age-gating and moderation. When NCOSE researchers found pornography servers, even a fake 13 year old account was able to join and view inappropriate content with ease.

Discord allows pornography on their servers with paper-thin protection, opening the door for rampant abuse:




Discord currently does not default minor-aged accounts to the highest level of safety and privacy settings. The fake 13-year-old account defaulted to allowing anyone to add them as a friend, allowing direct messages from anyone in a mutual server (some servers can have thousands of members), and only scanning messages from strangers. Discord also puts the burden on kids to turn on the explicit media filter themselves!



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