Explora (2017-18)

Examples of Material Available To Middle School Users:

Castle Rock Middle School’s “online databases” takes you to EBSCO Student Resource Center. After selecting “Explora” and typing in “sex education,” we quickly and easily located “The Golden Age of Sex” encouraging readers to engage in risky sexual behaviors such as public, anal, and group sex and explaining that these behaviors are trending up.


When going through the EBSCO “Middle Search Plus” catalog and the Explora product and then typing in “sex education,” we located the article below called “Watch and Learn” which advises middle schoolers to watch pornography to learn about sex and even gives them the links to BDSM pornography websites do it. This same content was accessed through middle schools in CO and CA.

Screenshots from article “Watch and Learn,” which not only encourages BDSM activity, but also contains live links to porn websites. 


One website linked to from the article for middle schoolers includes encouragement to watch pornography for sex education, advice on oral sex, and celebration of so-called “international fisting day.” All of this content was displayed on the front page of the recommended website.


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