General County Citizens Profiting Off Sexploitation

Profits Throughout the Community:

Women in brothels typically have to give a large portion, often up to 50%, of their earnings to the brothels.

But they also need to give a percentage of their earnings to taxi cab drivers and limo drivers who bring sex buyers to the brothels, sometimes this goes up to 30% of the transaction. There is also an elaborate tip system where women tip errand-runners, cooks, cleaners, and more, regularly.

The brothels bring in tourists and sometimes employee local citizens, and thereby the communities profit off the system.

Funding Other Community Functions:

According to a pro-prostitution website, Lyon County brothels are some of the biggest donors, at “up to tens of thousands of dollars,” to:

  • Animal parks
  • Food banks
  • Sheriff’s ARK program
  • Boys and girls club
  • High School
  • Toys for Tots
  • $26K towards Silver Springs Renown Medical Center
  • “We employ over 550 independent contractors every year and over 125 employees.”



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