Lyon County Sheriff’s Department Profiting Off Sexploitation

At least half a million dollars from Lyon County brothels go into funding the county every year, particularly for purchasing new cars for the Sheriff’s office.

Jeff Page, a Lyon County Executive quoted on a pro-prostitution website, stated:

“Brothels don’t pay business taxes, but contribute nearly $500,000 in other fees to the county which goes toward paying the county fleet of vehicles. With only 52,000 residents, the county would be hard pressed to make up that revenue if the brothels were banned. From a financial perspective, it means it has to come from someplace else.” 

The pro-prostitution website goes on to say “Sheriff Sid Smith and Sheriff Allen Veil neither had an issue with the brothels in Lyon County.”

Of course, it is not surprising that a Sheriff’s office would not have a problem with a large source that pays for their vehicles.

One of the problems with legalizing prostitution is that prostitution begins to bring in money for the local or state government. When that happens, government employees are incentivized to maintain the brothel business.


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