Report by User of Exploitive Scene


“All of the men, except for one, violates boundaries and attempts assault, but one in particular (a character called Gakto) is extremely abusive, tries to trick your character into helping him track down an ex he wants to kill, and eventually violently rapes your character. This is supposed to be the guy you’re trying to date, but I stopped playing after the long drawn out rape scene where my character offers him her body as compensation for letting his ex (that he wants to kill) get away. Gakto immediately grabs my character, drags her inside, and rapes her. The game is very descriptive about the horrible rape and how the main character is deciding that this is good for her, that he’s “teaching” her how to have sex and that him raping her is helping him somehow. I contacted Steam for a refund and they refused because I’d played the game for over 2 hours at that point. I had no way of knowing that further into the game, there would be a violent rape, and it’s disgusting that Steam is selling this game as a romance/dating game.”

Steam videogame harmful

Steam videogame parental warning

Steam videogame rape

Steam videogame abuse


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