Middle Search Plus (Middle School) (2018-17)

EBSCO has designed a Middle School database, called Middle Search Plus, and categorically loaded it with porn links, as well as advice to engage in risky sexual behaviors. They have falsely marketed the product as “designed for middle school libraries” leading subscribers to believe the content is age-appropriate.

Here is a screenshot from the EBSCO website advertising their product Middle Search Plus:

June 2017 – Examples of Material in EBSCO product, Middle Search Plus

This article for elementary school students gives step-by-step instructions on the excruciating process of preparing one’s body for anal sex. It explains the use of butt-plugs and encourages readers to not take a break from engaging in anal sex, lest they have to go through the painful process again.


This article was brought to EBSCO’s attention in February, 2017, but still shows up with multiple search terms. The article glamorizes and explains how to entice your girlfriend to participate in group, public, and anal sex.


This article encourages readers to experiment with role play games with the themes BDSM/torture sex, teacher/schoolgirl, and random hookup public sex. This article shows up in the database for 12-14-year-olds.


Instructions for how to have better sex from giving oral sex to BDSM.

February 2017 – Examples of Material Available To Middle School Users via EBSCO Product Middle Search Plus:

When looking up “prostitution” search term in Middle Search Plus (accessed in CO and CA), dozens of articles advocating and glamorizing prostitution-type activity showed up. The one pictured below has the following abstract: 

The article discusses the phenomenon of sugar dating, in which an older participant provides financial support to a young participant in return for companionship and/or sex. Topics include a discussion of whether sugar dating should be considered prostitution or a relationship much like traditional marriage for money; and the documentary “Daddies Date Babies” by Parinda Wanitwat about five female sugar babies and their sugar daddies.


When going through the EBSCO “Middle Search Plus” catalog and the Explora product and then typing in “sex education,” we located the article below called “Watch and Learn” which advises middle schoolers to watch pornography to learn about sex and even gives them the links to BDSM pornography websites do it. This same content was accessed through middle schools in CO and CA.

Screenshots from article “Watch and Learn,” which not only encourages BDSM activity, but also contains live links to porn websites. 


One website linked to from the article for middle schoolers includes encouragement to watch pornography for sex education, advice on oral sex, and celebration of so-called “international fisting day.” All of this content was displayed on the front page of the recommended website.



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