News Articles About TikTok Problems

Fails to suspend accounts of people sending sexual messages to children.

Fined by FTC for illegally collecting personal information from children. TikTok agreed in the settlement to pay 5.7 million dollars.

Man arrested in LA for preying upon children on TikTok and sending vulgar messages and showing up at a 9-year-old girls house posing as a delivery man

High failure to reply to reported accounts and videos- 2500 signed a petition and his account is still active at the time this was posted- @IraTheFallen

Many articles refer to the well-known predator @thebudday. His account remained active until he took it down himself after a visit from the FBI. He tried to make another account but was blocked. TikTok never contacted him or the girl who he had been messaging. TikTok then confirmed that he was banned for breaking community guidelines.

Forbes calls it “Magnet to sexual predators” (


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