News & Op-Ed Articles by Leaders in the Movement

Washington Post: D.C. bill would empower pimps and brothel-owners — not women

Washington Post: D.C.’s bill to decriminalize prostitution would hurt the people it aims to help

InStyle: Prostitution Is on the Verge of Being Legalized — These Women Want it to Stop

Washingtonian: DC Council Bill Would Turn Our Nation’s Capital Into a Capital for Sex Tourism and Trafficking

New York Post: Sex-trade survivor: Don’t legalize prostitution in New York

New York Times: “Buying Sex Should Not Be Legal” by Rachel Moran

The Washington Post: “Amnesty International’s Dangerous Proposal to Decriminalize the Sex Trade” by Cindy McCain

MercatorNet: Pornography: Prostitution’s identical twin by Melissa Farley

Feministahood: What Amnesty Got Wrong: A 12-point Rebuttal by Anna Djinn

Spiegel Online International: Unprotected: How Legalizing Prostitution Has Failed by Spiegel Staff 


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