Non-consensually Recorded and/or Shared

Many subreddits are dedicated to posting stolen content from other platforms and sharing on Reddit without the consent of the individuals in the material.  NCOSE researchers found at least 50 of these subreddits in January 2021.

Screenshots of non-consensually Shared content being leaked on Reddit:

Here are two examples, but NCOSE researchers easily found 100 in a day.




News Articles:

Reddit Hosts Girls Do Porn Videos and Doxing Despite Highly Documented Abuse  (Vice: Dec 8, 2020)


“After a civil court judge ruled that the owners of Girls Do Porn were guilty of coercing 22 women into having sex on camera, Reddit still hosted communities that doxed the real names of women in the videos and reposted non-consensual imagery from Girls Do Porn.”

“In October 2019, a week after federal investigators charged Girls Do Porn with federal counts of sex trafficking, Reddit banned the biggest Girls Do Porn subreddit. But since then, more subreddits and user accounts have surfaced to repost videos and links to content.”

“Many of the women who were lied to by Girls Do Porn are still trying to regain control of their images and their lives, years later.”

How TikTok Teens Are Ending Up on Pornhub

“TikTok is home to many NSFW trends (see: the ubiquitous WAP dance), many of which are fun and sometimes empowering. Yet some of these fads have been embraced by the younger segments of TikTok’s user base, prompting concern among some members of the community, particularly considering that TikTok videos frequently end up on platforms like Pornhub and Reddit.

A number of these videos have been cross-posted to subreddits devoted to cataloguing attractive women on the platform (despite rules ostensibly preventing users from posting content featuring minors), some of which have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Compilations of the videos featuring some underage creators have also been posted to YouTube. (YouTube did not respond to requests for comment.)”

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Inside MollyBabes, the Shady Porn Site That Exploited Women on Ecstasy (The Daily Beast: May 24, 2020)

  • “MollyBabes”, was a community Reddit dedicated to sharing images and videos of women having sex while high on MDMA, clearly not in a state to consent to having sex, or to having it filmed, or to having it uploaded to the Internet.
  • The Reddit community was started in 2016 and became quickly very popular, but Reddit didn’t shut it down until 2018 when pressure mounted to do so.
  • After Reddit banned the subreddit, the runners of the subreddit created their own website, and that content was posted on Reddit’s platform, despite the banning of the subreddit



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