Non-consensually Recorded and/or Shared Pornography

Discord’s lack of robust moderation has allowed pornography to flourish within its thousands of servers. Pornography trading—often including illegally-obtained, non-consensual, and even child sexual abuse material—is rampant on Discord. Entire servers are dedicated to finding and sharing non-consensual sexual images of girls and women—sometimes known as revenge porn. Links to these pornography servers are scattered throughout other sites like Reddit, drawing more and more users to exploitative content through Discord. Discord made international news in 2020 when one server revealed over1. 140,000 images of women and even minors had been widely shared and distributed.

NCOSE researchers found and documented some of these servers in only a few clicks—and accessed the demonstrated content with a Discord account set up as a 13 year old.


Discord used to share illegally obtained pornography






This user shares instructions on how to download and save illegal pornography on Discord.

Servers with pornographic content:

Pornhub, the online pornography tube site, even hosts its own official, verified server on Discord despite the growing legal issues surrounding MindGeek and the exploitative content hosted on Pornhub, including child sexual abuse material. No longer will companies be able to claim ignorance or avoid accountability—Pornhub and other MindGeek sites hosting this horrific cache of abuse are under investigation by the Canadian House of Commons Ethics Committee, and several lawsuits have been filed.


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