Novelist (2017-2018)

Material that appeared in Grade 9 search. Same content available also to elementary and middle school as well.

Here is a five-minute video walk-through of what is available to ninth graders when clicking on the unfilterable category “romance” in the EBSCO product, Novelist. Below are still shots taken from the video.

Login to EBSCO’s Novelist which is not filtered for age-appropriate content in the elementary, middle and high school level. All content is available to all ages. We clicked on the category “romance”

We clicked on the category “romance”

Then selected on of the recommended books, Between the Sheets: Erotic Romance

Between the Sheets: Erotic Romance glamorizes and teaches readers about more extreme content in the erotica category and then makes recommendations for what to read in the BDSM and “sugar daddy” categories.

We randomly clicked on one recommended book title in the BDSM recommendations, The Awakening. Most of the books through Novelist provide unfiltered previews of the content from Amazon Kindle.

We then randomly selected another recommended book, Candy Licker and took screenshots of the unfiltered preview available to students from Amazon Kindle which depict the violent rape of a young woman. 


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