Policy Expertise & Legislative Strategies

NCOSE’s legal and subject matter expertise is sought out by legislators and advocates from across the country and around the world. Possessing a team with decades of experience and expertise at its disposal, NCOSE is able to offer guidance, strategies, and opinion that influence policy and law on a diverse range of topics. From the Child Internet Protection Act and e-rate funding, obscenity law, library Internet filters, sex trafficking, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and much more, NCOSE provides vital perspective and analysis to those seeking to drive back the shadows of sexual exploitation.

Already, the NCOSE Law Center has major accomplishments to its credit. For instance, the NCOSE Law Center drafted the resolution declaring pornography a “public health crisis,” which passed the Utah legislature in 2016, and was signed by Governor Gary Herbert. Similar resolutions have now been passed by South Dakota, Tennessee, and Arkansas and are under consideration in a number of other states. These developments have received great press building important momentum for our cause and bringing many new leaders to join the movement.

The resolution’s influence has extended beyond U.S. borders. For example, a member of the Canadian Parliament used our resolution as the basis of a motion, which passed unanimously and led Canada to conduct a study on the public health harms of pornography. New Zealand activists are also working along similar lines.


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