Primary Search (Elementary) (2017-18)

EBSCO has designed an Elementary School database, called Primary Search.

From EBSCO’s marketing of the product, many school districts and parents are led to believe that the content is already filtered to be age-appropriate.  This system has pornography available, as well as links to hardcore pornography websites – all of which are not caught by school or home filters as the filters are set to allow access to everything through EBSCO. In addition, much of the sex ed material teaches essentially that anything goes between ages 5-11.

Sample of Material from June 2017 (after EBSCO claims the Primary Search product has been completely cleaned)

This article for elementary school students gives step-by-step instructions on the excruciating process of preparing one’s body for anal sex. It explains the use of butt-plugs and encourages readers to not take a break from engaging in anal sex, lest they have to go through the painful process again.



Article highlights how a teen activist posts nude images to Instagram and fights to make public nudity an acceptable practice. Why do 7-10 year-olds need this information? Parents are not aware that this is the message their young kids are getting in a school setting and are therefore not able to counter it by sharing their own beliefs and standards.



This article for 7-10 year-old readers glamorizes the life of pornography & BDSM performer, Bettie Page.


DD_EBSCO Explora Primary_Start Spreading the Nudes_Lexile 1040-Full PDF



Sample of Material from February 2017

Login to Primary Search, the database specifically for elementary students. These screenshots come from a school in Berkeley, CA, but the same material is accessible through the few accounts we checked around the U.S.

A search of the terms “sex education” yielded hundreds of comprehensive sex ed materials. The first few articles listed recommended websites for elementary school-aged children to learn more about sex. These outside websites include advice that normalizes sexual activity at this young age, encourages looking at pornography to learn more about sex; normalizes BDSM activity; and more:



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