OnlyFans Promotion on TikTok

Contented banned according to TikTok’s Community Guidelines is still easily found, even with “Restricted Content” turned on. Within 30 seconds of creating a 13-year-old account and searching “OnlyFans,” our researcher was led to countless videos and hashtags promoting OnlyFans, most of which glamorizing paid sex and normalizes sexual exploitation. And it only took three clicks to get to an OnlyFans page containing sexually graphic photos, including male nudity and an erect (clothed) penis (see screenshots below).

Advertisers and users are creative in bypassing algorithms meant to identify banned or “Restricted Mode” content. For example, users have listed OnlyFans – a site widely known for selling pornography and prostitution –  as onlyf@ns. Currently #accountant is being used to advertise and look for prostitution.[i] Improving AI capabilites and/or increasing human review must be prioritized in order to identify and remove banned content. It is also imperative that banned users’ IP addresses, emails, and phone numbers are blocked to prevent predatory users from setting up a new accounts. OnlyFans is named to the 2021 Dirty Dozen List: Learn more here.

[i] Allen, Joseph, “TikTok Accountants Aren’t the Same People Who Help You File Your Taxes” Distractify, January 2021:


Pictures and accounts were available both with and without Restricted Mode turned on.



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