Steam Games: Porn, Rape, Other Sexual Content

In September of 2018 Steam instituted a new policy to “allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling.”

As soon as this new policy launched, the number of games tagged for “nudity” doubled from approximately 700 games to around 1,400 in just four months—and now there are over 3,788 games with this tag.



This is a game that features rape scenes and even had a meter to measure the amount of pain and discomfort being inflicted.

Deep Sea Death,

March 2020, about women being raped by sea creatures

Love Vibe: Ariana

This is a pornographic video game portraying clear penetrative sex acts.

House Party

Warning: NCOSE added censor bars to these images to block out explicit genitalia and breasts, but the images are still highly sexual. 

Steam has currently updated this game so there are censor bars over the nudity, but the premise of the game and its themes of coercion women into sex via intoxication, blackmail, and deception are still intact. Read more here.

The pornographic House Party game is promoted to users of all ages on the Steam website.
Users also have the option to masturbate on other characters. Image of male genitalia covered by NCOSE’s censor bar.

Meltys Quest:

Meltys Quest players earn points when Meltys engages in various sex acts, which are tallied on a Sexual Experiences “scorecard.” Players earn orgasm, creampie, gangbang, blowjob, swallow, bukkake, and prostitution points, and can increase a “Slut Level” rating.

Click Here to Download the PDF of Meltys Quest Proof

While these games do not contain explicit nudity, they are built primarily around the objectification hypersexualized female animated characters. These games portray women as primarily sex objects, and should not be easily available to children using Steam.



Honnie Pop


If you enter a birth date below 18 years of age, you are given the option to “retry.”


Time Tenshi 2

Tomboy’s Need Love Too!

My Servant and the Stranger Astensia

January 2020, rape scenes and sexual harassment

Pact With a Witch

2019, based on rape and sex scenes


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