Proof: Flawed Parental Controls

As of right now, the streaming platform provides two different options for blocking mature programs. Using a PIN set by parents, account holders can either require a PIN for specific maturity settings (like TV-MA) or require a PIN for specific shows. Learn more about parental controls here.

The ability to PIN block across all profiles is an improvement, but many parents may find the constant pop-up inconvenient for them and their families. Ideally, Netflix would provide a way to PIN block on specific profiles, and lock individual profiles by PIN so children cannot easily switch between them.

Further, Netflix does not make TV ratings clear when a user accesses Netflix through a third-party device, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, or Roku.

And finally, Netflix sometimes selects sexually graphic programs to be heavily advertised on its platform with automatic-play trailers on the header carousel of Netflix shows. At this time it appears that Netflix is censoring graphic terms (such as “blow job”) from being spoken in these auto-play trailers, however, their official policies on auto-play trailers are as of yet unclear.

According to reports received by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in 2019, this feature has led to children as young as 3 years old to be exposed to the trailer for shows like Sex Education with dialogue including the phrases “masturbate,” “dick,” “addicted to wanking,” and comments about how “everyone” is having sex. We are asking Netflix to institute new policies to stop auto-play trailers in the header promotional carousel for its programs with sexualized content.


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