Hidden Porn Channels *TRIGGER WARNING*

Roku’s public directory has over 3,500 channels including many free providers like YouTube, PBS Kids, Ted talks, Pandora, as well as subscription-based channels like Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu. Roku also allows developers to set up “private” or “hidden” channels which can only be downloaded with a code or direct link to the Roku website. Roku has at least 1,800 such private channels.

Roku does not expressly allow pornographic channels in their public channel store, however since they allow developers to set up “private” or “hidden” channels, Roku has become a major mainstream destination for streaming sexually exploitive content. Hundreds of these channels can be accessed via direct download from the Roku website. In contrast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV have taken measures to prohibit pornographic content from being accessed through their services.

Roku is facilitating access to hardcore pornography, including pornography sites that frequently depict themes of rape, violence, teens and child, incest, and racist.


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