Examples of Sex Trafficking, Pimps, and Children on OnlyFans

A survivor of OnlyFans has publicly noted: “There are tons of “promoters” and “managers” (online pimps) who actively prey upon new girls (the younger the better). They usually approach the model on Twitter and groom her so that she will agree to let them help “manage” her online presence in exchange for a cut. People are desperate naive and they fall for it. This naturally creates a perfect opportunity for blackmail and other types of emotional manipulation. It happens all. the. time…As seems to be the case across the adult industry, OnlyFans creators by-and-large claim to love what they do. I have no doubt that this is true in many cases. But I also have no doubt that many creators are just saying that because they have to in order to retain their subscribers.

Recently. it was reported that a 21-year-old woman in Australia who posted pornography on OnlyFans was followed and harassed by a man who went on to leak her personal information online.

Posts on an online forum for mothers noting underage teenagers using OnlyFans:


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