Sexual Grooming of Minors

Discord has facilitated a space for sexual grooming by abusers or sex traffickers, leaving it anything but a safe and friendly place for minors. These abusers or traffickers know minors are on Discord, and utilize the platform to engage with minor users through mutual servers and direct messaging.

Here are just a few examples of children being groomed and abused through Discord in the news:

  • A 12 year old girl was groomed for over two months and manipulated into leaving her California home in the middle of the night by a 40 year old predator.
  • Two teenage boys were found in a sex trafficking ring where the traffickers used Discord to contact the victims.
  • A 22 year old man was arrested when a 12 year old girl he had been talking to on Discord disappeared with him in a car.
  • Several predators groomed a 12 year old boy by sending him explicit messages and even calling him over a period of six weeks, before his mother found out and deleted Discord.

Discord’s platform creates infinite ways for adults to contact children.


A “parody” server called SuddenlySexOffender:


An example of adults calling 15-year-old children “super hot”:


An adult user in a server with multiple minors talking about sex in public, including school and study rooms.


In online communities like Reddit, Discord’s problem with adult predators is well-known enough to elicit regular citizens into attempting to catch the predators themselves, commonly referred to as “pedo hunting”.

Discord is clearly not doing enough to monitor and actively catch grooming and predator targeting using their current moderation and filtering strategies.


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