Sexualized Content on TikTok Discover and Home

Note: Sexualized Content Below.

Since TikTok instituted new Community Guidelines in fall of 2020, there has been less sexual content appearing on Home and Discover. However, it’s still there without even having to look for it – including when Restricted Mode is on.

In addition to sexualized dancing, video trends, and hashtags, a significatn amount of lyrics violate the Community Guideline prohibiting: Content that contains sexually explicit language for sexual gratification. As music is such an integral part otfthe TikTok experience, and given that music is so influential in shaping teen’s identity, emotions, socialization, and tastes,[i] TikTok must age-gate the content of the songs used by minors.

In restricted mode, videos with the following lyrics showed up first in the “Home” section of an account set at 13 years old with Restricted Mode on (the videos were usually accompanied by sexualized dancing).

Videos from 2/13/21:

“Foot Fungus” by Ski Mask the Slump God (multiple videos found using this song)

Skrrrt, uh, uh, drop it on my cock
Skrrrt, I’ma h-hot nigga, no pot
Skrrrt, niggas still gettin’ buns, hot dogs
Skrrrt, niggas not fuckin’ with ya, coleslaw

“DDLG” by ppcocaine (note: DDLG stands for daddy dom/little girl)

Bet you never had a girl like me
Suck on my clit and smoke good tree (haha)
Do not hesitate to have me on my knees
For you, I might let you hit it for free
For you, haha, I might let you hit it for free
For you (I probably shouldn’t though)
I might let you hit it for free

Real renegade shit, daddy, I’m your slut (I’m your slut)
Kissin’ on my pussy, put your thumb in my butt


[i] Miranda, Dave, “The role of music in adolescent development: much more than the same old song,” February 2012:


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