Sexualized VR Games on Steam

While we have yet to find hardcore pornographic virtual reality video games on Steam, there are an increasing number of highly sexually charged virtual reality games, which feature nudity and crude depictions of sexual scenarios.

Given ever-increasing technological advances which would make hardcore pornographic VR content easier to produce in upcoming years, Steam is opening a door to future increasingly graphic sexual VR games.

Just a few examples of these games include:

Sakura Spirit

Virtual Reality Girls 2

steam virtual reality



Excerpts of game description:

“Succubus need your help. They are imprisoned in old dungeon, release them by finding ancient magic gems to form a key to their cages. They will show gratitude for sure…If you free succubus, you will become her master. She will invite you to the private quarter, where you could feel intimate atmosphere and have a great time. You will learn on your skin why succubus are famous for they seductive power…


  • Give succubus orders when you release them from prison, you will become their master. You can give them orders.
  • Set succubus to resemble scenes from your wildest dreams! They can tempt you, show their gratitude and put a charm on you.
  • Girls will respond to your actions: they will look at you if you are close and give signs of pleasure when you touch them.
  • Join a hot party with succubus, and watch them dancing for you!

Let them seduce you…”



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