2019 Proof

Included below is a sampling of screenshots providing concrete illustrations of how EBSCO has consistently failed to provide age-appropriate content to its youngest users.

In EBSCO’s Explora products, there are still live links to pornographic websites. These images were captured in October 2018.

EBSCO Explora Secondary article, “Spanking Natasha…”:

EBSCO Explora Secondary article, “Lotus Blossom or Dragon Lady…”:


In the past, we have found non-academic sexually graphic content particularly concentrated in high school databases, and other educational databases not explicitly marketed towards schools, yet frequently used by them, such as Novelist.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation made this informational video in 2017 after EBSCO claimed their school products were completely clean from sexually explicit materials to highlight a few of the more than 50 explicit articles NCOSE found in just 50 minutes.

**Warning: This video shows sexually graphic material available in K-8 schools.

Summary Video explaining why NCOSE placed EBSCO Information Services on the 2017 Dirty Dozen List:

Proof of Graphic Content Remaining on Middle School EBSCO Databases in 2018, Designed for 12-14-Year-Olds.

Note: We have added censor bars over the graphic sexual images out of respect for your right to avoid such material, though we have left hypersexualized images unedited. Children are being exposed to this content on EBSCO databases without any warnings or censor in the context of “educational, curriculum-appropriate material.”

Many middle schools that use EBSCO have middle school logins that allow students to access EBSCOHost which contains several graphic results.

Selecting a “Man-Woman relationships” subject tag results in several sexually graphic articles, including one titled “Confessions” from Cosmopolitan magazine which includes graphic descriptions of sexual scenarios:

ebsco children learn

There are also many PDFs within EBSCO that still contain live links to sexually graphic websites—including PDFs on the Explora Secondary School database, as shown in the image below from the article “Spanking Natasha: Post-Soviet Pornography and the Internet.”

ebsco curriculum

There are also live links to BDSM websites:

Further, within the Explora Secondary Schools database we found several articles instructing students on group sex, such as the article “Swing Vote,” normalizing and promoting prostitution, such as the article “I Am A Normal Girl” among many others, and many articles advertising sex toys, such as the article “(Sex) Toy Stories” and “All I Want For Christmas is TOYS!”


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