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NCOSE recognizes the following:

  • Snapchat Terms of Use rules were changed in 2014 to technically prohibit using the systems for pornographic content. View Snapchat’s previous TOU here.
Snapchat’s Community Guidelines Regarding Sexually Explicit Content. Accessed January 2019.


Nevertheless, these terms of use are not frequently enforced and thousands of users use the app to distribute sexually exploitive content. Tech experts and troves of social media users share a different story about how thousands of users (mostly young people) are using the app. Since the app’s launch in 2011, dozens of media and tech safety articles explain that the app is also used to send this type of material, many of the pornographic images being created and distributed by children with many of the images ending up on third party websites.

While Snapchat’s founder, Eric Spiegel, claims the site was not made for the purpose of sending sexts (or nude selfies), the initial marketing of the app and emails from Eric Spiegel to his fraternity brothers around the time he was developing Snapchat, lead many to think the app was very much intended for the purpose of sexting.

Email examples (more found here):

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Snapchat_Spiegel email 2 part 2












Snapchat_Spiegel email 1











Official Snapchat Terms of Service:

(February 22, 2017)

























































What Can Snapcash Be Used For?

Snapcash is meant for Snapchatters to quickly and easily exchange money – like splitting the bill at a restaurant or paying someone back for concert tickets.

It’s not okay to buy, sell, or offer compensation for:

  •    Snaps or Stories
  •    Usernames or access to an account
  •    Adding someone as a friend
  •    Drugs, guns, or other unlawful things

These acts all violate Snapchat’s Terms of Service and may result in the termination of your Snapchat account. Because Square is the one that processes your Snapcash payments, keep in mind that Square’s separate Terms and Prohibitions govern your use of Snapcash as well.

Please remember that Snapcash is solely a peer-to-peer payment system; it may not be used for any commercial purpose. Square’s abuse and safety system monitors for unusual patterns of transactions and may block your ability to use Snapcash if money is exchanged with too many people.


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