Visa’s Ethical Standards – Incompatible with Porn Industry

The ethical standards that Visa claims to embody are inconsistent with partnering with the sexually exploitive, dehumanizing pornography industry, particularly considering recent cases of sex trafficking and abuse within the industry.


Letter from the Chairman and CEO:

“Our unwavering commitment to integrity is essential to ensuring that Visa remains a respected company that people want to do business with, and a place where our employees are inspired to do their best work.”

Leadership Principles Include:

We lead by example. Be accountable. Treat others with respect.

Page from the Visa Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


Page from the Visa Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

NOTE: Visa claims to strive to uphold the letter and the spirit of the law, yet they partner with the pornography industry which violates federal laws regarding obscenity distribution.

Federal law prohibits the distribution of obscene adult pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite TV, on hotel/motel TV, in retail shops, through the mail, and by common carrier.

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld obscenity laws against First Amendment challenges, explaining that obscenity is not protected speech, similar to other forms of unprotected speech like blackmail, defamation, or child pornography. Learn more about obscenity law here.


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