Roku, a leading media streaming company, provides its users with the ability to stream television programs, movies, music, and more, on their personal devices. Unfortunately, Roku also facilitates access to hardcore pornography channels through hundreds of private and hidden channels.

Pornographers are well aware of the backdoor Roku has left open to them. They widely advertise for their private channels and applaud Roku in forum after forum for being the go-to streaming device to permit this material.

This stands in sharp contrast to the policies of other streaming device industry leaders such as Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire TV, which have rightly kept hardcore pornography off of their systems.

In the age of #MeToo, @RokuPlayer is facilitating pornography that depicts teen, incest, slavery, and incredibly violent themes. #TimesUp for #Roku! Click To Tweet

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In 2018, according to news reports, “for the first time in its history, Roku made more revenue from advertising and licensing than device sales.”

Roku is making money off of family-friendly companies like Disney, PBS, Hallmark, and more! But these companies are unaware of the fact that Roku allows pornographers to use its systems

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WARNING & Possible Trigger: These are screenshots of a sampling of pornographic channels available on Roku. All nudity is blurred. We are simply providing these examples as proof of Roku’s distribution of pornography to show that our accusations are factual.


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The National Center on Sexual Exploitation rarely advocates for boycotts. Instead, we work to raise awareness and to change corporate policies.

You can help raise awareness about the need for Roku to stop facilitating pornography by posting these graphics across all social media platforms.


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