No survivor of sexual exploitation should be ignored just because they don’t fit the narrative that the media tends to portray.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s annual Out of the Shadows series delves deeper into often overlooked topics of sexual exploitation. This series gathers recent research, produces videos, convenes task forces of leaders to collaborate further, hosts national symposia, and creates actionable items to help enrich and build the movement for human dignity.

We know that the complex web of sexual exploitation cannot be dismantled until every survivor has a voice.

Recent Topics Covered by Out of the Shadows



Symposium General Sessions 3/21/19

Symposium 3/20 Workshop: Policies and Practice to Improve Community Responses to Problematic Sexual Behavior of Youth

Symposium General Session 3/20 Morning

Peer on Peer Abuse: Why it Happens and What Parents Can Do

Ask the Experts: Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior

#PowerInPrevention Ending Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention through Understanding and Addressing Sexual

The Third Dimension of Victimization: How Victimization of our Digital Selves is Victimization of the Person- Mary Leary

The Rise of Child Sexual Assault and Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Look at the Role of Pornography – Heidi Olson

The New Normal: The Threat of Sexual Predation in Dating Relationships- Haley Halverson

Male Survivor of Sex Trafficking, Tom Jones

Outrage! Boys and LGBTQ Youth Sex Trafficking, Rogers & Malone

Off the Radar: Sexual Exploitation of Boys-Carol Smolenski

Men Too! Sexual Objectification of MALE Bodies-Joseph Prud’homme

Silence of Male Survivors-Tom Jones

Break the Silence: Sexploitation of Boys & Men-Haley Halverson

Hearing the Cries of Male Sexploitation Victims-Kevin Malone

Sex Trafficking Survivor Advocate Speaks Up: What’s Porn Got to Do With It? – Anna Malika

Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking, Porn, & Adult Systems of Prostitution – Robin Rivera

Interview with Naideen, a Sex Trafficking Survivor

New documentary, Hard Corps, shows links between pornography and sex trafficking


Follow the 2019 CESE Summit Online

I can hardly contain my excitement as I write this email! The Fifth Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) Global Summit starts next week! The CESE Global Summit brings together over 60 top speakers presenting their research, innovative strategies, and lasting solutions. More than 600 leaders from around the world will be in attendance! We’re gathering…

Porn Addiction Led Teen to Become a Registered Sex Offender Before His First Kiss

A registered sex offender before his first kiss. While this might sound impossible, this is sadly the case for “Jamie,” a thirteen-year-old boy found in possession of child pornography via a police raid. Jamie’s parents were completely unaware of their son’s escalating pornography addiction over the previous three years. What had begun as friends showing…

Women Expose the Sexual Abuse and Trafficking Hidden in the Porn Industry

Derek Hay, one of the pornography industry-leading agents, has been accused by several women “of fraud, sexual abuse and links to an illegal escort business — accusations including coercing performers to pay off ‘unconscionable’ fees and penalties either in cash or by performing sexual acts on him.” In a 75 minute documentary produced by NBC,…

RECAP: Symposium Confronting the Rise of Child-on-Child Harmful Sexual Behavior

  Symposium Agenda Copy of Summary of Research reviewed by NCOSE by topic –download here Download copies of event and speaker handouts here. Videos will be available here in the next month. View photos from the event here:   There is Hope: Confronting the Rise of Child-on-Child Harmful Sexual Behavior Symposium Recap   On March…

NEW RELEASE: Summary of Research for Child-on-Child Harmful Sexual Behavior

There is growing concern among parents, educators, and child safety experts regarding children[1] who exhibit or who engage in harmful sexual behavior (HSB) against other children. In part, this concern arises from the significant number of incidents of child-on-child HSB known to authorities. For instance, data regarding sexual offenses reported by U.S. police showed that…