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Julie Bindel Discusses the Harms of Decriminalization

Julie Bindel on Why Fully Decriminalized Prostitution Hurts Women

The full “decriminalization” model for prostitution only exists today in New Zealand. According to British abolitionist, journalist, and author Julie Bindel, “It is the Wild West. If you remove police intervention from pimping, brothel owning, and trafficking, of course that’s what you get.” Bindel joined NCOSE Vice President Lisa Thompson this week to discuss why…


Cultural Comment: Iceland Considers Pornography Ban

News that the country of Iceland might ban access to online porn is welcome news. Fear about the widespread harm from pornography, which is well justified, is the driving force behind this development. The country already has a law forbidding the printing and distribution of pornography…In the United States, our Congress, state legislatures and our courts have long recognized the harmful nature of pornography and banned most of it. In fact, it is currently a violation of federal law to distribute “obscene” or hardcore adult porn…