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Progress: First Edition Research Summary and 3 Key Events on the Exploitation of Boys and Men

I wanted to share some exciting news with you: we are generating a massive and much-needed shift in the way our movement addresses the sexual exploitation of boys and men. Male victims of sexual exploitation, sexual violence, sex trafficking, childhood exposure to pornography, and other sexual harms are virtually voiceless today. They are suffering alone […]

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

Historic Press Conference: Addressing Sexual Exploitation of Boys and Men

This is the historic first press conference in Washington D.C. solely dedicated to addressing the web of sexual exploitation harming boys and men.   For too long, male sexual exploitation victims have been overlooked. Politicians, NGOs, and society at large have all failed to adequately address the experiences of boys and men involving sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual […]

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

New “Fifty Shades” Book Will Attempt to Justify Domestic Abuser, NCSE Predicts

Statement by NCSE’s Executive Director, Dawn Hawkins Washington, DC – The Fifty Shades of Grey series will continue with the latest installment, Grey, which the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) predicts will be an irresponsible rationalization of domestic abuse. Set to be released June 18th, Grey will be a re-telling of the first novel […]

Issue: Sexual Violence

“Fifty Shades” Spinoff Slammed as ‘Irresponsible Rationalization of Domestic Abuse’

By Hilary Lewis, from The Hollywood Reporter 6/11/2015 Time Magazine The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which previously condemned the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, is going after EL James’ recently announced spinoff book, Grey, which tells the Fifty Shades story through Christian Grey’s perspective. In a statement Wednesday, NCSE vice president Dawn Hawkins says the […]

2014 Dirty Dozen List: Fifty Shades of Grey

“Reverend Susan” – Testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985.

Reverend Susan Wilhem testified about her experiences before the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography in Chicago, on July 25, 1985.  She hadn’t realized the extent of harm that pornography had on her until she worked on a Photo Montage of the kinds of pornography for an educational forum. Read full personal account here.

Personal Stories

Porn was the norm. I was molested, raped and didn’t think anything was wrong.

As a happily married, church going father of 5, there are few  who know the trauma that has affected me throughout my life. I grew up in a VERY rural area in Southern Mississippi. A country boy if you will, fishing, hunting, etc. I really looked up to my older cousins who I believed were […]

Personal Stories

“Susan” – testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985

“Susan” testified in 1985 about the sexual abuse and mistreatment she suffered in her past, describing how her stepfather used pornography and violence to abuse and mistreat her, and how she strove to overcome that mistreatment. The role of pornography in facilitating and encouraging child abuse is painfully evident in her story, and her overcoming […]

Personal Stories

“Karen” – testimony before the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985

“Karen,” testifying before the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography in Washington, DC, describes her personal life as a prostitute and sex worker and the role that pornography played in it. Read full testimony here.

Personal Stories

Robert Sklodowski, testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985

Robert Sklodowski, then the circuit judge of Cook County, IL, testified before the Commission on Pornography to describe his knowledge of pornography use by criminals and sex offenders. He described the rampant use of porn, which he saw contributed to the sex crimes of numerous prisoners he had seen in Illinois. Read full personal account […]

Personal Stories

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