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Man Performs Sexual Act on Airplane, Woman Claims United Paid Her ‘Hush Money’

Sexual harassment and assault on airplanes is a growing crisis in America. Countless stories have hit headlines, showing the vast scope of this issue. Airlines are chronically ill-prepared to address the growing problem of pornography on airplanes and the ensuing culture of sexual harassment that this fosters. To raise awareness about this issue, we started our…



Morality in Media: Ryanair In-flight Porn App Won’t Fly

WASHINGTON (Nov. 10, 2011) — Morality in Media is calling on U.S. citizens and engaging more than 50 European pro-family organizations to contact the European airline, Ryanair, because of its recent announcement that they will develop and provide an in-flight app for iPads and smartphones which will include pornography content. “We will stop this outrage before it…