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Throwback Thursday: Our 2015 Video Press Conference Announcing the #NoAmnesty4Pimps Campaign

In 2015 NCOSE launched the “No Amnesty 4 Pimps” campaign to oppose Amnesty International’s looming adoption of a policy in favor of fully decriminalizing prostitution. Amnesty International claims to “campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.” Yet, decriminalization of brothel-keeping and soliciting is a gift to pimps, sex traffickers, and sex […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

New Podcast Episode: Why Does Amnesty International Want to Decriminalize Prostitution?

Ep. 9 Full decriminalization is a gift to sex traffickers, pimps, and sex buyers. Amnesty International has developed a policy document supporting full decriminalization of prostitution. Full decriminalization of prostitution is one of the world’s most disastrous approaches to the sex trade. “Full” decriminalization refers to the repeal of laws pertaining to pimping, brothel keeping, and […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

600 Leaders Just Met in Trinidad to Discuss Solutions

I am just returning to the office following our incredible Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit. Although, it was nearly three weeks ago, I am still feeling incredibly hopeful. There is a movement to end exploitation and our efforts to bring leaders together and engage them on united efforts have undoubtedly galvanized this shift. We […]


Prostitution, Sexual Coercion, and Violence: Why Sexploitation is Nobody’s Job [VIDEO]

In the age of Game of Thrones and The Girlfriend Experience, everyday Americans are regularly confronted with normalized depictions of prostituted women and men. From Amnesty International and TED Talks calling for full decriminalization of sex trade, there is a concerted effort underway to convince the public that prostitution is just another job. However, the […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Petition Against Amnesty International’s Prostitution Policy Breaks 35,000 Signatures

JOIN THE CAUSE AND SIGN THE PETITION HERE. Amnesty International has recently endorsed a policy of full decriminalization of prostitution, and human rights advocates are speaking up in protest. Decriminalized prostitution refers to the removal of laws criminalizing the sex trade. One form of decriminalization—commonly referred to as the Nordic model—targets only individuals involved in […]

2016 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Action Alert: You Can Send a Message to Amnesty International

What is a Thunderclap? Thunderclap is a tool that enables us to create a “virtual flashmob” in order to raise awareness about an issue. When you sign up you are scheduling the social media message “Prostitution is Sexploitation; Decriminalizing Helps Pimps and Sex Buyers! #NoAmnesty4Pimps #AmnestyInternational” to be posted on your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. These […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

PRESS RELEASE: The 2016 Dirty Dozen List is Out: Targeting HBO, Amazon, Verizon and More

Annual list includes HBO/Game of Thrones, Amazon, and Verizon Washington, DC – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) announces the 2016 Dirty Dozen List, a compilation of mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation in America. The Dirty Dozen List highlights offenders with an explanation of how each contributes to sexual exploitation and offers actions that the […]

Issue: Objectification

VIDEO: What’s next? Who should the 2016 Dirty Dozen list target?

Here at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation we are working on compiling the 2016 Dirty Dozen list! This list targets twelve mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation every year. The Dirty Dozen has been enormously successful, changing policies at companies like Google, Facebook, Walmart, and more. By actively engaging the media and aggressively confronting sexual […]

2015 Dirty Dozen

Amnesty International’s Effort to ‘Decriminalize’ Prostitution: ‘Gift to Sex Traffickers’

Original Source: CNS News By Barbara Hollingsworth | November 4, 2015 The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is criticizing Amnesty International’s proposal to decriminalize prostitution worldwide as “a gift to sex traffickers.” Decriminalization, the group says, will not change “the essential exploitive nature of commercial sex.” On August 11, the Amnesty International Council passed a resolution calling for the full […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Join Our Protest Against Amnesty International This October 23

October 23rd there will be a protest against Amnesty International, and if you are in the DC area we invite you to come join us! WHAT: Protest Against Amnesty International WHERE:  Amnesty International Washington National Office 600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003 WHEN: Friday October 23, 2015/12:00 PM-2:00 PM WHY: Amnesty International’s International Board is developing a policy […]

2017 Dirty Dozen: Amnesty International

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