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Billboard wisconsin

Wisconsin Activists Fight against Sex Trafficking and Pornography with City Blitz Campaign

A bold new billboard recently appeared along Highway 33 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Located directly across from local “sex store” Sensations, this billboard proclaims: “Sex Trafficking: Porn Creates Demand.” The billboard is part of NCOSE’s City Blitz campaign, which raises awareness in cities across the country about the harms of pornography, including links to other…


VIDEO: Sexting and the Sale of Pornography through Snapchat and Snapcash

Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, explains how Snapchat and Snapcash are facilitating sexting and the sale of pornography. WATCH VIDEO HERE: Snapchat, the popular photo and video sharing app, is used by 77% of college students regularly. We have been raising awareness about Snapchat and sexting for years, but…


A Wife and a Runaway Trafficked into Pornography: The Stories of Naideen and Angel

In honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we are sharing the stories of two survivors who were trafficked into pornography. Watch Here: Naideen called Dawn and told her about how she met an attractive, accomplished, older man who she quickly fell in love with and married. That’s when the fairy tale ending…


Statement: The Link Between Porn and Sex Trafficking – Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE Washington, DC – This January is human trafficking awareness month, and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is educating the public about the links between sex trafficking and pornography. “When people ask me what they can do as individuals to stop sex trafficking, I tell them…


This Moving Norwegian Video about Sexual Violence and Rape has Gone Viral

An emotional short video created by Care Norway is raising awareness about rape and sexual violence against women by urging fathers to take a stand. This video highlights how a culture that accepts objectification and degradation as “normal” can actually foster a culture of sexual violence. Men have a unique opportunity to rise against this phenomenon…


The Importance of Awareness: CESE Summit 2015

It is increasingly more evident that today’s society has become saturated with sex. The hookup culture is now on virtually every college campus and sexually suggestive images and writings are commonplace within the daily media. The problem with this? People are complacent with this newfound sexually-charged lifestyle and simply choose to ignore it, taking the…



Raising awareness about porn’s painful impact

OneNewsNow July 14, 2011 The MIM executive director says her group is “just trying to flood the Internet with as much anti-pornography information as possible” because it is important to remind people how much porn affects its victims, including addicts and their families. The anti-indecency organization, which leads a coalition of pro-family groups in the war…