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Cosmo Victory! Press Overview

Thanks to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s “Cosmo Harms Minors” campaign, Cosmopolitan magazine will be placed behind blinders in all 4,600 Rite Aids and the 1,000-plus Delhaize Americas stores, which includes brands like Food Lion and Hannaford. NCSE received over 40 press hits regarding this victory: Breitbart: RitAid, Food Lion, Hannaford Stores To Place Cosmopolitan Behind…


Cosmos Harms Minors Campaign Launchesx

In recent years, Cosmopolitan Magazine has begun to glamorize things like public, anal, group, or violent sex in nearly all of their issues. What’s worse is that this magazine is purposefully targeting younger and younger audiences with Disney stars and teen idols often donning the covers and featured in the headline stories. Together with William Randolph Hearst’s granddaughter,…



“COSMO HARMS MINORS” INITIATIVE KICKS OFF APRIL 22    _________________________________________________  Victoria Hearst (NASHVILLE, Tenn.) April 21, 2015–Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of publisher William Randolph Hearst and founder/president of Praise Him Ministries in Colorado, along with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) will host a press conference April 22announcing the “Cosmo Harms Minors” campaign. The kick-off event will outline objectives…


Desexualizing Dolls to Protect Minors

Sonja Singh, 34, loves dolls. As a hobby, she visits thrift stores to find disheveled Bratz dolls, sometimes with missing feet. She removes their overly sexualized eyes and lips with nail polish remover and paints on new, more natural looking features. Singh’s mother completes these Tree Change Dolls’ new look by fashioning them with hand-knitted…