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Twelve Days of Action: Half-Way Through This Year’s Dirty Dozen List

While we’ve had a number of victories, the targets on the 2017 Dirty Dozen List have avoided changing their policies. They are still facilitating sexual exploitation. Examples of minimal progress: Comcast promised to implement changes, but insists on still selling extremely violent pornography. EBSCO Information Services has made some efforts to clean up their K-12 school […]

2018 Dirty Dozen List: EBSCO

This Simple Action Is How One Person Got Cosmo Magazine Out Of Their Wal-Mart Checkout Aisle

We regularly hear from supporters who are concerned about Cosmopolitan magazine. A nationwide survey revealed that the majority of Americans believe Cosmo is especially harmful to minors and that it should not be prominently displayed in checkout aisles.  Cosmopolitan is filled with sexually explicit articles and depictions of sex acts in virtually every edition. However, it’s often […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Wal-Mart Sells Sexually Exploitive Magazines, Naked Pictures of Children, and Sex Trafficking Instructions

**UPDATE 10/29/16 – Walmart has removed the child nudity books from their website! In just the first day of our petition campaign we got thousands of signatures. THANK YOU for speaking up with us!  Wal-Mart now sells a wide array of sexually explicit material including some with child nudity, as well as sexually exploitive magazines […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Video: Cosmo is Pushing Porn Onto its Readers

The 2016 Dirty Dozen List yet again includes Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Cosmo covers are offensive and often shock people in the checkout aisle, but sadly what is inside the covers is even worse. WATCH OUR VIDEO ABOUT COSMO HERE: Graphic depictions and descriptions of sex acts are regularly featured in this magazine, and the effects […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Cosmo Came for Christmas: Now Join Our “Cosmo-X-Vent”

By Lisa Thompson with Dani Bianculli Few people following the news could have missed the controversy brewing around the Starbuck’s “Christmas” coffee cup. Conspicuously missing from the bright, red cup is any greeting referring to Christmas or any of the holidays associated with this time of year. Whether you take issue with the Starbucks cup or […]

2015 Dirty Dozen

The Hill: Retailers to shield customers from Cosmopolitan magazine

By Lydia Wheeler Original Source: The Hill Cosmopolitan magazine has proven to be too risqué for some retailers. Late last month, Rite Aid and Food Lion announced they were working to shield customers from the content on the magazine’s cover. In a statement, Rite Aid said it is still going to carry the publication, but future […]

2015 Dirty Dozen

Today Show: Cosmopolitan magazine will be covered by blinders at two major retailers

By Elizabeth Murray Original Source: Today Two retail giants are taking a stand against one of the most popular women’s magazines in the checkout aisle. Cosmopolitan magazine will be partially obscured at Rite Aid and Delhaize America shops, Women’s Wear Daily reported Wednesday. The magazine will be placed behind blinders in all 4,600 Rite Aids and the 1,000-plus […]

2015 Dirty Dozen

New York Times: Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers to Be Shielded by 2 Retailers

By Hiroko Tabuchi  Original Source: The New York Times Is Cosmopolitan so racy it needs to be covered up? Rite Aid and Food Lion think so. The two retailers will soon place issues of Cosmopolitan magazine behind “blinders” to shield minors from the magazine’s sexual content, they confirmed separately on Friday. Kristin Kellum, a Rite Aid […]

2015 Dirty Dozen

The Blaze: Popular Magazine Accused of Glorifying ‘Porn and Sexual Violence’ Will Be Covered Up in Thousands of Stores — and There’s a Surprising Twist

By Billy Hallowell Original Source: The Blaze Two chains of supermarkets and drug stores have both announced that they’ll be covering up copies of Cosmopolitan magazine with blinders — a move that comes after a campaign was launched earlier this year to protect minors from the magazine’s sexual content. But the biggest surprise in the […]

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

WWD: Too Racy? Retailers to Put Blinders on Cosmopolitan

By Alexandra Steigrad Original Source: Women’s Wear Daily COVER UP: A trade group called the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has been on a crusade to hide what it deems the “pornographic” covers of CosmopolitanMagazine from the eyes of minors. On Wednesday, the Washington, D.C.-based group claimed to have won its first battle by getting Rite Aid and Delhaize […]

2015 Dirty Dozen

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