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One News Now: Delta apathetic toward in-flight porn, says group

Dawn Hawkins of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation experienced the problem when she was on a Delta flight. According to NCOSE communications director Katherine Blakeman, Hawkins’ flight was going quite well – until she witnessed a man across the aisle watching pornography. “She couldn’t tell whether [the girls on film] were 14 or they were 18,”…


Delta Passenger Was Watching Porn and the Crew Did Nothing

If you’ve been with us since 2012, you’ll remember a troubling incident on a Delta flight that incited the National Center and our supporters across the country to take action.  Our Executive Director Dawn Hawkins witnessed a man viewing graphic pornography of what appeared to be very young girls. She confronted him, but at the…



We are under full-scale attack

As you may have read or heard, we are under a heavy, sustained attack by the porn industry, by the group Anonymous, and by literally tens of thousands of pornography advocates. Let me explain:  Last Friday, on her airplane flight to speak at a conference in Houston, our executive director, Dawn Hawkins, witnessed the man…



Violent, pseudo-child porn on my Delta flight this morning.

I am quite shaken up at the moment. I’m still shaking and my heart is pounding. I was just on a Delta flight from Baltimore to Detroit, on my way to Texas where I will speak at a conference about the links between pornography and sex trafficking. After getting to my seat, I looked up…