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National porn awareness campaign begins this week July 12, 2011 “Pornography is silently and secretly destroying men, women, and children,” the organizers of the campaign state. “It is a pandemic ruining lives, marriages and families. Our now Pornified society has eroded the cultural norms in America to the point that even a major TV network, using the public airwaves, is planning…



Porn was the norm. I was molested, raped and didn’t think anything was wrong.

As a happily married, church going father of 5, there are few  who know the trauma that has affected me throughout my life. I grew up in a VERY rural area in Southern Mississippi. A country boy if you will, fishing, hunting, etc. I really looked up to my older cousins who I believed were…


“Susan” – testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985

“Susan” testified in 1985 about the sexual abuse and mistreatment she suffered in her past, describing how her stepfather used pornography and violence to abuse and mistreat her, and how she strove to overcome that mistreatment. The role of pornography in facilitating and encouraging child abuse is painfully evident in her story, and her overcoming…