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How Pornography is Ruining Men’s Sex Lives

Today, we live in a world that is centered on technology. Everything is readily available with the click of a button and people are constantly feeding into the latest social media craze. And unfortunately, that craze is often pornographic in nature. Research shows that 12% of all websites are porn-related, 25% of all search engine searches…


New Peer-Reviewed Study Affirms the Reality of Porn Addiction

A new peer-reviewed scientific research paper released last week reconfirms the existence of porn addiction.  While recent articles have been in the news that attempted to throw doubt on whether porn use can lead to addiction, superior research has validated the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s position that porn addiction is a real, and arduous, obstacle that…


What the Media Wouldn’t Have You Believe: How Porn Steals Men’s Sex Lives

Pro-porn advocates claim that pornography is good for men because it provides a quick, convenient physical and emotional release. What many people do not know, and what many advertisers would have you be in the dark about, is that pornography use can actually disable men from having real sex with their spouse. Porn takes exactly…


Public Health Crisis: Porn Addiction is Hijacking Your Brain

A brain that is wired to seek out physical and psychological satisfaction from viewing pornography will be stimulated even when coming into contacted with something associated with that behavior.



Three Top GOP 2012 Candidates Commit to Enforce Nation’s Pornography Laws

Christian Newswire January 9, 2012 “Three of the leading GOP 2012 Presidential candidates have made statements committing to enforce existing federal obscenity laws if they are elected, while the current administration still refuses to enforce federal obscenity laws prohibiting distribution of hardcore pornography, according to Morality in Media… Read full article here.