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Recent Opposition to the Truth about Pornography and Prostitution on College Campuses

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is no stranger to opposition. In recent years, the trolls have taken to our web pages, attempting to hack our websites, bullying our staff with threats and disgusting language, and even reaching out to us directly in-person; we have been threatened with lawsuits on numerous occasions. While we…


Podcast Episode: Is Porn Really a Public Health Crisis?

Utah passed a formal state resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis in the summer of 2016, then that fall the RNC added the same language to its official republican platform, and presidential nominee at the time of this recording wrote a letter to the organization Enough is Enough stating that she is supportive of…


VIDEO: Sex Trafficked Into Porn, The Story of Renee and Hailey

Nita Belles, author and Managing Director of In Our Backyard, shares the story of Hailey and Renee, two women who were sex trafficked into pornography through coercion and debt bondage in the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s latest video. In addition to cases of coercion and debt bondage, women involved in the production of “mainstream”…