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Screenshot of letter from four U.S. Representatives—Jim Banks of Indiana, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, and Brian Babin of Texas—to U.S. Attorney General William Barr

U.S. Reps to AG: “Declare the prosecution of obscene pornography a criminal justice priority”

On December 6, 2019, four U.S. Representatives—Jim Banks of Indiana, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, and Brian Babin of Texas—sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General William Barr calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prioritize the prosecution of obscene pornography. The reason such a measure was necessary requires a…


young man stares at laptop

A Decade of Addiction Ravaged His Life After Being Exposed to Porn at Age 11

John* was an A+ student. He loved playing baseball with his younger brother and he had a good relationship with his parents who did everything they could to raise him well and instill him with the right values. Also, John was 11 years old when he was exposed to pornography. He was first exposed to…


Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr in a still from a video interview with Covenant Eyes

Lamar Odom Admits Porn Addiction: “I Don’t Want to Live Like That Anymore”

Lamar Odom, former NBA player and reality TV star, recently gave a tell-all interview on his battle with pornography addiction. In the interview, he described to Covenant Eyes how his addiction to porn “dominated his life.” “It’s just like if you’re addicted to drugs, you know, that first time can lead to an addiction,” he…


Still from the CBSN Originals documentary "Speaking Frankly: Porn" produced by CBS News

CBS News Admits Porn is Hijacking the Sexuality of America’s Children

In a significant development for the movement to end sexual exploitation, including the public health crisis of pornography, a CBSN Originals documentary from CBS News called “Speaking Frankly: Porn” is exposing the massive and disquieting impact pornography is having on children and teens across the United States. Although the findings of the documentary are not…


Still image of Kanye West from his Apple Music Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe

Kanye West: “[Porn addiction] affected almost every choice I made”

The research about the public health harms of pornography is clear, and now celebrity after public figure after icon — the latest being Kanye West — are increasingly willing to be vocal about the harms of pornography that they’ve personally witnessed and experienced. “Playboy was my gateway into full-blown pornography addiction,” Kanye West told Zane…


Silhouette of a man's face in front of red neon signage

Violent Porn Inspired Copycat in UK Sexual Assault Case and He’s Not an Anomaly

There is a prevailing message in pornography that people welcome aggressive actions, particularly in a sexual context. This message supports a connection between pornography and sexual violence because the medium is likely to influence viewers to commit sexual violence. A recent investigation into an attempted sexual assault demonstrates the influence that pornography can have on…


Minimalist iconographic rendering of an adult male filming two children as a statement against child sexual abuse

The Research-backed Links Between Pornography and Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is an atrocity that goes against the very nature of human dignity. While this appears to be widely known and agreed upon, something that many around the world don’t know is the role pornography plays in fueling child sexual abuse. Yet, when taking into account the common themes of mainstream pornography, which…


Blurred advertisement in NYC

Powerful Discussion Tool, “Critical Porn Analysis,” Breaks Down How Porn’s Proliferation Impacts All People

Pornography is not a new issue. However, with the rise of the Internet in the 20th century, obtaining pornography only requires a simple Google search. Sometimes it doesn’t even take any effort at all, as Internet users frequently stumble upon it by accident on social media or with unrelated online searches. The fact of the…


Pioneering Lawsuit Against Applauded by National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Business Model Lures Young Women with False Promises and Must Be Exposed Washington, D.C. – As a civil lawsuit filed by 22 women against pornographic website GirlsDoPorn got underway in San Diego Superior Court last week, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) applauds all 22 defendants, who have suffered job loss, psychological harm, and harassment…


Catharine MacKinnon speaking at Cambridge

Recognizing the Lifelong Work of Pioneer Catharine MacKinnon to End Sexual Exploitation

Catharine MacKinnon is a giant in the movement to end sexual exploitation. Her work as a radical feminist has been groundbreaking, leading to much progress on various fronts of the movement, including sexual inequality, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, pornography, and more. Over the past few decades she has influenced the views of many activists, researchers,…