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Recovering Porn Addicts Are Raising Awareness About the Harms of Pornography

Contrary to popular belief, pornography addiction is real and it is affecting the youth everywhere. Today’s society is very much based upon instant gratification—information is available instantaneously at the click of a button. Pornography works the same way. An individual feels sexually aroused, watches an explicit video, and receives pleasure. The mechanics of porn viewing…



National porn awareness campaign begins this week July 12, 2011 “Pornography is silently and secretly destroying men, women, and children,” the organizers of the campaign state. “It is a pandemic ruining lives, marriages and families. Our now Pornified society has eroded the cultural norms in America to the point that even a major TV network, using the public airwaves, is planning…



Child sex trafficking is growing, even in U.S.

Baptist Press April 12, 2011 “The sexual entertainment and the sexualization of our culture is encouraging a growing number of people who are demanding these services. And so, if we want to look at the factors of supply and demand, then we would say [the sex trafficking industry] is growing… Read full article here.



Turn MIM’s Obscenity Call Day Into A Sexual Freedom Day

Adult Visual News March 8, 201  “…Many of the offices today said they hadn’t yet heard of the letter, but were interested in learning more. That gave us an idea! With your help, we can make sure they’ve all heard about it. This Thursday we’ll host a National Call Day and need you to be…



Pressure is mounting to enforce ‘obscenity laws’

Orlando Christian News Examiner February 15, 2011 Here, there and ‘everywhere’ is the lure of pornography, enticing both the unwitting and those who have succumbed to its trap. Obscenity laws against distribution of porn are on the books, yet not being enforced. Now there is a contingent of Christian activists, Congress and civil groups who…