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How To Stop Hiding and Quit Porn Today

By Danielle Adams, Lifestar Therapy Pornography addiction, or compulsive porn use, is a serious problem that has risen over the past decade. Like any other addiction, pornography and sexual addiction leave everyone struggling with the devastating effects associated with the disease. For those struggling with addiction, quitting porn is a healing process that will take time and…


“Sexting” and the Dangers of Hidden Apps

By: Irene Neumann The phenomenon of “sexting”—the practice of taking and sending sexually provocative or explicit photos of oneself and sending them to another person via email or mobile device—has taken youth culture by storm. According to a CBS News article that quotes Dr. Kristin Perry, a psychologist and founder of a parenting resource called…


6 Reasons to Cut Porn Out of Your Life for Good in 2016

Tis the season for resolutions. As the New Year begins, countless goals are being made by optimists and pragmatists alike. Some of the most common commitments on January 1st include eating healthier, reading more, or spending more time with loved ones. But what if I told you there was a resolution you could make that…