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Amazon Promotes Incest, Despite Clear Research Showing the Harms of Parental Abuse on Children

By Ericka Case Child sexual abuse from a parent, a step-parent, or a parent’s live-in romantic partner is being portrayed as an acceptable “fetish” by large companies like Amazon. Thousands of incest-themed pornographic books are for sale and even included for free in the monthly subscription service Kindle, which is owned by Amazon. Searches by…


Amazon Promotes Incest-themed Pornographic Books to Stepdads

You promote what you permit. Unfortunately, in the case of Amazon, that includes incest-themed pornographic books. If someone makes the innocent search “stepdad daughter” on, the online marketplace returns highly explicit “erotica” featuring themes of incest on the first page of results. This material is often highly graphic, includes manipulation from positions of authority,…


“Julie” – Testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985.

Julie provided a written statement of her personal experience with pornography and abuse to the Commission on Pornography in Chicago, on July 25, 1985.  She testified that pornography contributed to the incest and abuse by her brother.  The incestuous relationship started when she was 3 and continued until she was 12.  She described the way…