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Supreme Court Ruling on Indecency – FCC SHOULD STILL ENFORCE LAWS!

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued their decision in FCC v FOX concerning indecency regulations on broadcast TV. Here are a number of responses from various national organizations committed to upholding standards of decency. HERE IS OURS FROM MORALITY IN MEDIA Supreme Court Indecency Ruling Allows Enforcement FCC Should Now Vigorously Enforce Indecency Law WASHINGTON,…



NBC’s Racy ‘Playboy Club’ Already Under Fire

iVillage June 30, 2011 Two groups, Pink Cross Foundation and Morality in Media have started online petitions to shut the show down. Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media, takes issue specifically with reports of a three-way sex scene — and more generally, with the Playboy brand being promoted at all. “We know now, years later, that pornography is very harmful to society,” she said. “It…



Does indecency rest in the eye — or ear — of the beholder?

Boston Pilot January 27, 2012 After nearly a decade of threats, fines and court challenges, America may finally learn for sure whether the federal government has the authority punish the airing of indecent material on broadcast television. Or, America will get to see a continuing game of cat and mouse between the Federal Communications Commission…



Morality in Media to Supreme Court: ‘Keep indecency and vulgarity off broadcast TV’

Deseret News January 9, 2012 Morality in Media is calling on the Supreme Court to uphold the Federal Communications Commission’s standards for indecency and vulgarity on broadcast television… “Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC do not have a right to turn network television into a cesspool at the expense of children and those who wish to…