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“I mourn our losses”

Since writing this I have divorced my husband and reported him to the police.  This is not the story details…but an exercise I did at Recovery Nation.  We had to “mourn our losses” after discovering our partner was a porn/sex addict.  This is what I wrote.  Like I said, it’s not details about the addiction,…



Contrary to What the NY Times May Think and What Playboy TV May Say, Pornography Does Not Promote True ‘Intimacy’

Christian Newswire November 18, 2011 As reported in yesterday’s NY Times (“Courting women, Playboy TV puts the emphasis on intimacy”) Playboy TV is “putting (some of) its clothes back on” and “shifting from traditional pornography toward a higher quality, female friendly slate of reality shows.” The article also states that while Playboy “insists” that the…